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Speech and Language Support for 3-5s - e-learning

Speech and Language Support for 3-5s - e-learning

Speech and Language Support for 3-5s - e-learning

9th September - 25th November 2024

There are only 2 places remaining on this course. Please apply soon!

A practical training course for those of you teaching or supporting children aged 3-5

Course Dates

Day of Week Date Start Time Finish Time
Monday 9th September 2024 3:30 pm 4:00 pm
Monday 16th September 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 23rd September 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 30th September 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 7th October 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 14th October 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 21st October 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Half-Term break
Monday 4th November 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 11th November 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 18th November 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Monday 25th November 2024 3:30 pm 4:30 pm

Times are shown as in the UK

This course is delivered by way of interactive e-learning materials, completed in the learner's own time, together with live online webinars via Teams at the set times above.


This course is priced at £380.00 plus VAT per person to include Language Builders for 3-5s e-book and the accreditation fee.

We will refund this sum if your computer system and set up do not meet the requirements and this prevents you from taking our e-learning course.

Upgrade available

If you have already purchased the e-learning sessions for 3-5s, the discounted price of £200.00 plus VAT will be applied. Please log in first to avail of this offer.

About the course

Our highly successful accredited training course, Speech and Language Support for 3-5s, is available through blended web-based learning. Uniquely, this has an interactive component of which we are very proud.

For one hour each week for ten weeks, complete an online interactive web-based session. For another hour, participate in a lively and informative online discussion led by an experienced Elklan tutor enabling you to share outcomes with others, adding value to the training experience.

1. What is communication?
2. Communication Friendly Settings, adult-child interaction
3. Learning to listen, and supporting understanding through non-verbal communication and visual strategies
4. Promoting vocabulary development
5. Understanding spoken language and ICWs
6. The Blank Language Scheme
7. Developing expressive language skills
8. Developing play for language
9. Supporting children with unclear speech & phonological awareness
10. Stammering and course reflection

This course is accredited at Level 2 and 3 through an externally quality assured and Ofqual-regulated national Awarding Organisation. On successful completion, you will receive nine credits at whichever level you chose to study. The Elklan tutor will provide the support learners need to complete a Learning Log.

Find out more about levels, credits and how qualifications compare in UK and Ireland:

Find out more about Speech and Language Support for 3-5s - e-learning and its content here.

This is an accredited course and so you will need to actively engage with the training and complete a learning log. To do this you should expect to set aside around 4½ hours weekly. This will include:

  • 1 to 1½ hours to complete the online session and prepare observations etc for the live webinar
  • 1 hour to attend the live webinar
  • 1½-2 hours to plan, implement knowledge and strategies learnt and write-up the plan, observations and evaluation in an online e-log

Terms and Conditions

  • By applying for this course you agree to our Terms and Conditions for Learners.
  • Please download and read the cancellation policy. This is always adhered to
  • All applications are subject to availability and eligibility; your application will not be final until your place is confirmed by Elklan Training.
  • Includes anytime access to the e-learning Sessions for ten weeks
  • No previous qualification required
  • Resource e-book
  • External Accreditation with a 9-credit award on successful completion
  • Live weekly tutorial webinars with an Elklan Tutor
  • Learning Log to complete
  • Targeted strategies for specific age range
  • Discuss and share with other learners

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