About Liz

Liz qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) in June 1981, and has worked within the NHS with a broad range of children in a wide variety of settings. However she feels most at ease when working in a school environment supporting the teachers.

Her passion is for training staff to enable them to help children in the classroom without the need for lots of additional programmes or withdrawal time.

"Communication is essential to life" says Liz, "I want to do all I can to enable children to talk and be understood all day everyday not just when they attend for speech and language therapy".

This passion drives Liz to make the Elklan brand name so strong and well known. Elklan's reputation in the world of training in this field is enviable. Liz and Henrietta have between them written many training packages and trained over 1,000 SaLTs and specialist teachers to use these with in excess of 20,000 teaching assistants, teachers, HVs, SaLT assistants and parents across most parts of the UK.