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CPD course: Supporting Children and Adults using AAC

This accredited CPD course for SaLTs and SaLTAs is taught by co-written by Andrea Lee, a highly specialist SaLT and expert in the field of AAC, who co-wrote the materials with support from Henrietta.

What do participants receive?
  • Our book Communication Builders for AAC which forms the core reading material for the course. It is full of practical advice and ideas.
  • Accreditation through an externally quality assured and Ofqual regulated national Awarding Organisation at either level two, three or four, the individual chooses the level under the guidance of the Elklan tutor.
  • Support needed to write a portfolio to achieve accreditation.
  • Opportunities to meet other practitioners working in the field and receive mutual support.
Who is the course for?

This course trains SaLTs and SaLTAs.

How is the training organised?

This course is taught over two days. Participants can complete a portfolio of evidence to achieve accreditation at either level 3 or 4 depending at what level they choose to study.

What do learners say?
What is taught?

1: What is AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)?

  • Why use AAC? 
  • What does AAC include? 
  • Access methods
  • The AAC Team

 2: Assessment

  • Who might benefit from AAC?
  • What skills are needed for AAC
  • Tools for Assessment

 3: Unaided Communication

  • What is Unaided Communication?
  • Assessing Unaided Methods of Communication
  • Developing Unaided Communication Skills

4: Low Tech Communication Aids

  • Types of Low Tech AAC systems
  • Aspects of Assessment for Low Tech AAC
  • Activities to support and develop use of the Low tech AAC system

5: High Tech Communication aids

  • Types of High Tech Communication Systems
  • Assessment for a High Tech System
  • Activities to support and develop use of the High Tech AAC system