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Training for SaLTs and Specialist Teachers: Elklan Total Training Package for Verbal Pupils with ASD

This NEW UPDATED practical training course is specifically designed for staff working in primary and secondary schools to enable them to understand autism better.

This UPDATED course reflects the changes in diagnostic criteria and includes a whole session on managing pupils with sensory conditions in the classroom.

It provides a great overview into good communication practice with those with ASD and has plenty of ‘hands on’ activities which help to apply the learning and makes the course very interactive.

It's a great 'one stop shop' from which further courses in specific techniques and programmes can be explored further. 

Delivered by local tutors throughout the UK this course has helped many staff maximise their pupil’s communication potential whether they have a diagnosis of autism or not.

All our courses are evidence based, to view a copy of the underpinning evidence for this programme click here.

How can I become a licensed tutor?

When you attend this Elklan Total Training Package (TTP) you will be given everything you need to teach the course.

The TTP will cover all the content of the course, and you will receive information on:

  • How Elklan works
  • How to deliver a course that is externally quality assured and accredited by an OfQual regulated national Awarding Orgnisation
  • How to assess learners' work
What do SaLT trainees say?
No more training required to teach the other programmes!

Once you are an Elklan tutor you can deliver the full range of courses for learners. You don't need to attend another Total Training Package. As an Elklan tutor you can purchase the additional teaching notes and materials at relatively low cost. This means that you will be offer all the Elklan courses within your locality.

On-going support

As an Elklan tutor, you enter into a large network of others who are all seeking to fulfil the same aims as you in meeting the needs of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). You will receive ongoing support and advice from Elklan who will answer your queries about delivering courses.

Training with others

Elklan supports collaborative practice and is keen to promote SaLTs and specialist teachers training together. However we are aware that this is not always possible so many SaLTs train on their own and we are currently enabling specialist teachers who meet certain criteria to train in isolation. The following downloads will give more information on the requirements and procedure.

What is the content of the course?

Download the course flyer

Download the Communication Support for Verbal Pupils with ASD flyer for details of the content of the course.