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Speech and Language Support for Post 16s course outline

The course runs for eight sessions, each with targets you will be able to achieve by the end of the course:

Session 1:  What is communication?

  • Identify the processes involved in communication.
  • Demonstrate the wide range of communication problems young adults can exhibit.

Session 2:  Understand the message

  • Explore non-verbal communication.
  • Improve listening skills.
  • Use visual schedules and practice schedules.

Session 3:  Understand the words

  • Identify words that the young adult has difficulty learning.
  • Develop strategies to promote the understanding of vocabulary.

Session 4:  Understand the language

  • Consider why understanding spoken language might be difficult.
  • Learn how to modify the language to help the listener.
  • Consider other issues such as non-literal language and bilingualism.

Session 5:  Understand the question

  • A structure to explore the types of questions and language demands placed on a young adult.

Session 6:  Understand the situation

  • What skills are needed to be 'streetwise'?
  • What strategies can be used to develop this? (emotional literacy, comic strips, adapting to change).

Session 7:  The task of talking

  • What are the barriers to talking?
  • Consider the interaction.
  • Reflect on opportunities provided to talk.
  • Explore social skills.

Session 8:  Developing a communication plan

  • Explore different everyday situations.
  • What are the communication challenges?
  • What changes can be implemented to support the young adult?


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