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Speech and Language Support for Pupils with SLD course outline

Session 1:  What is Communication?

  • Identify the processes involved in communication.
  • Demonstrate the wide range of communication difficulties and the impact this has for the child.

Session 2:  Adult-Pupil Interaction and Non Verbal Communication

  • Examine the effect of adult-child interaction on the development of communication skills.
  • Explore the importance of nonverbal communication behaviours.

Session 3:  Attention, Listening and Play and Exploratory Learning

  • Develop strategies to promote listening and attention.
  • Explore the link between play/exploratory learning and language development.

Session 4:  Understanding of Language

  • Explore strategies to support and develop a pupil's understanding of language.
  • Understand the importance of visual cues.
  • Develop an understanding of information carrying words.

Session 5:  The Blank Language Scheme or the Language of Learning Model

  • Learn how to assess and support pupils’ verbal reasoning skills.
  • Know how to modify questions to meet the needs of individual pupils.

Session 6:  Promoting the Development of Vocabulary

  • Identify types of vocabulary.
  • Explore general strategies and techniques to develop vocabulary knowledge and use.

Session 7:  Developing Expressive Communication

  • Explore general strategies to support expressive communication.
  • Learn about specific techniques that can be used to teach sentences and story telling.

Session 8:  Supporting pupils with unclear speech and using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

  • Explore strategies to support unclear speech and the development of phonological awareness.
  • Consider Total Communication and AAC systems to support pupils with expressive language difficulties.

Session 9:  The Development of Social Skills

  • Identify the social skills a pupil needs.
  • Explore strategies to support social skill development.

Session 10:  Communication Plans and Course Summary

  • Explore how to assess and monitor a pupil’s progress with their communication.
  • Discuss issues raised in the course.
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