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Let's Talk with Under 5s e-learning sessions

e-learning sessions for Lets Talk with Under 5s have been written using material from the face-to-face course Let's Talk with Under 5s, a seven-session practical training course for parents, carers, childminders and pre-school practitioners wanting some key skills and knowledge. You will receive the same high-quality information that Elklan provides but without accreditation.

Each session has a mix of videos, illustrations, interactive excerises to help your understanding, and includes accesss to the relevant chapter of the Workbook for Let's Talk with Under 5s e-book.

The sessions give practical advice and strategies which are also suitable for children with English as an additional language and other special educational needs. The face-to-face course has helped many parents of young children maximise their child's communication potential and ensure they are ready for school.

How to access the sessions

You can enjoy the e-learning sessions in your own home or workplace at at time which is convenient to you. All you need is web access on a mobile device or computer.

You can gain 12 weeks access to all seven e-learning sessions for £90.00 plus VAT, or 14 days access to individual sessions for £15.00 plus VAT each. Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard.

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