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Information for Commissioners of SaLT services: Benefits of Elklan Training for the SaLT service

Once a member of staff in a school or Early Years setting has been trained using an Elklan course they are of huge benefit because they:

  • Can liaise efficiently with the SaLT service.
  • Both SaLT's and the staff share a common language so reducing time needed to explain information and thus improving efficiency.
  • Understand why they are being asked to support a child in a specific way
  • Know how to modify their interactions with the children
  • Change the way they speak to children so they understand more of what is said
  • Use modelling to encourage talking
  • Understand the development of speech sounds and why children have problems, they are taught simple strategies to help the child.
  • Know how to support a child with interaction difficulties
  • Don't need to refer every child to speech and language therapy. They can manage some children themselves and know which need to be seen for more assessment

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