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Information for Commissioners for SaLTs: Commissioning training for Parents

SaLTs are highly trained professionals who produce quality information for parents. The better parents are at completing therapy programmes at home the more quickly the child should progress which ultimately means improved outcomes for children and throughput.

Training parents is a huge benefit not only for the child who has difficulties but for all the children in the family. Money spent on training and equipping parents to communicate more effectively with their child is money well spent.

It is therefore essential that SaLTs offer effective tried and tested training to parents and Elklan can provide the training resources therapists need.

Elklan courses focus on developing communication and social interaction skills which are crucial to effective parenting and so the impact on the child and family can be far reaching.

Elklan courses are externally quality assured and accredited by an OfQual regulated national Awarding Organisation. Elklan offers the following highly successful level 1 courses:

Lets Talk with Special Children

(for children with severe and complex learning needs)

Lets Talk Together

(for children with social communication needs including ASD)

All the courses are designed to run over 7 weeks, each session lasting 2 hours; they can also be taught in four half day sessions.

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