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Information for Schools as Commissioners: Benefits for Pupils

Once a member of staff in a school has been trained using an Elklan course they are of huge benefit to pupils because they:

  • Understand why it so hard for pupils with SLCN at school
  • Understand the breadth and extent of pupils's communication difficulties, how this affects their learning and their ability to access the curriculum
  • Can interact at an appropriate level with pupils with SEN and SLCN.
  • Give the pupils time to speak and understand the importance of actively listening to the pupil.
  • Can help the pupils whatever and wherever they are being taught.
  • Are able to change the way they speak to pupils so they understand more of what is said.
  • Understand how to help the pupil with his speaking.
  • Can support a pupil with speech difficulties who has a speech therapy programme to follow.

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