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Information for Schools as Commissioners: Benefits for Schools

Once a member of staff in a school has been trained using an Elklan course they are of huge benefit because they:

  • Can work more effectively with pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties.
  • Be a specialist resource to the other members of staff in the school.
  • Support the communication development of all pupils in the school environment across the curriculum and in the playground too!
  • Know how to interpret SaLT reports and programmes which means they can be implemented more easily and effectively.
  • Know how to modify their interactions which is of benefit to ALL pupils.
  • Can change the way they speak to pupils so they understand more of what is said.
  • Can encourage talking by using specific strategies such as modelling language which can be used anytime, anywhere!
  • Know how to support a child with interaction difficulties
  • Can support a child with speech difficulties who has a speech therapy programme to follow.
  • Are more confident in dealing with pupils with mild speaking and listening difficulties and know which need to be seen by the speech and language therapist.
  • Are more confident in talking to parents about the child's speaking and listening skills.
  • Share a common language with the SaLT service so reducing time needed to understand what is being asked of them and thus improving efficiency.
Some comments from staff:

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