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Becoming an Elklan Communication Friendly Setting - Special: FAQs

What do I do next? Contact your local Speech a Language Therapist to enquire if they are able to provide Elklan training to facilitate you becoming a Communication Friendly Setting. Alternatively please contact Elklan and we will provide a tutor or a training course in your area.

How long does the CFSe accreditation last? CFSe is awarded for three years on successful completion of the training and audit. A further audit of the setting will be carried out when renewal is requested. Evidence of continuing Elklan training in the setting must be shown. For more our renewing Elklan Communication Friendly Setting status, please see our renewal policy document.

When do courses start? When convenient to the setting provided that a tutor is available. A setting may want to complete the CFSe accreditation over an academic year; this is achievable and the programme has been designed to be delivered in this manner.

What does the Level 4 portfolio involve? The LCPs organise and deliver the cascaded training to their colleagues. The Elklan trained SaLT tutor will facilitate four seminars for the LCPs and mark their level 4 portfolios which describe how the learning has been embedded throughout the setting.

Seminar 1: Before Communication Counts commences to answer any questions and to agree the portfolio deadlines submission dates.

Seminar 2: Towards the end of Term 1. By this time the following will have been achieved by the LCPs:

  • Communication Counts session 1 and 2 delivered
  • Portfolio (level 4) assignments submitted
  • Presentations about changes in the setting prepared

This 2nd seminar will enable participants to share their examples of good practice with the rest of the group. Presentations will be shared on-line with the Elklan community to enable the dissemination of good practice (anonymity will be assured if requested).

Seminar 3: Towards the end of Term 2 so that ideas from the implementation of Communication Counts sessions 3 and 4 can be shared.

Seminar 4: Towards the end of Term 3 so that ideas from the implementation of Communication Counts session 5 can be shared. Time will also be given to help participants complete the audit and submit their portfolio.

Can we renew CFSe status? Please see our renewal policy document for full details.