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Schools as Commissioners: Unclear Speech: Courses for Practitioners

Supporting Children with Hearing Difficulties

Elklan have developed this highly successful accredited course for practitioners who support children of any age who have some degree of speech difficulty, and is available to practioners who have already completed an Elklan ten-week Core course.

This course is accredited through an externally quality assured and Ofqual regulated national Awarding Organisation.

What is taught?
  • How speech develops and how to support children with unclear speech
    • Understand how speech sounds are articulated
    • Explore the range of speech difficulties
    • Understand the processes involved in saying words
    • General strategies to support a child with unclear speech
    • How a speech and language therapist assesses a child and determines a therapy programme
  • How to introduce a structured approach to support children with unclear speech
    • Explore a typical speech and language therapy programme. This takes you through the different stages of supporting a child whenarticulating and using a new sound
    • Time, usually 3 months, will be given to allow you to implement a programme with a child.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the programme
    • Discuss the implementation of the programme
    • Share solutions to problems you have experienced


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