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Information for Managers of SaLT services: Apply for a TTP

To become an Elklan tutor you need to attend one of our Total Training Packages which are held in London, Salford, and Northern Ireland every year. Courses may also be run in Australia if the demand is sufficient.

Upcoming courses are listed below, and you can apply for your place online now, or you may print out and post the PDF application form: No media download found.

You can choose which Total Training Package you would like to complete. Once you are an Elklan tutor you can deliver the full range of courses. You don't need to attend another Total Training Package. As an Elklan tutor you can purchase the additional teaching notes and materials at relatively low cost. This means that you will be offer all the Elklan courses within your locality.

When you attend an Elklan Total Training Package you will be given everything you need to teach the accredited course.

Ongoing Support

Once you become an Elklan tutor you enter into a large network of others who are all seeking to fulfil the same aims as you in meeting the needs of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). You will receive ongoing support and advice from Elklan who will answer your queries about delivering courses..



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