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Information for Managers of SaLT services: Whole Team Training

Liz and Henrietta are available to come to you and train a team of speech and language therapists and advisory teachers.

Save the expense of travel and accommodation and let Elklan come to you area. We have negotiated a special deal as outlined below:


per SaLT


per Specialist advisory teacher


Receive a 10% discount for in-house training.

* Reduced as teachers act as co-tutors and cannot deliver training in isolation unless certain stringent requirements are met - see our Co-Tutor Policy for more details.

A further discount will be applied when accredited courses are run as detailed below:

  1. During the training the trainers course each participant will receive two vouchers. Each voucher is worth £21.25 which is 5% off the course fee giving a potential further discount of 10%. The first voucher can be redeemed when the first accredited course as long as there are a minimum of four people registered as accredited learners. The second voucher is redeemed when the second course is run as long as it fulfils the same criteria. If two participants train together then both can redeem their vouchers. Where there are more than two trainers working together only two vouchers can be redeemed.

    The combination of the vouchers and the initial 10% discount for in-house training give a total of 20% discount (£340 fee per participant instead of £425).
  2. Each voucher is worth £21.25 and this could either be exchanged for a resource to this value (vouchers could be saved and added together to buy a more expensive resource) or a cheque will be written to your Department.
  3. Vouchers will be redeemed when the registration forms for the learners (ELRFs) are received.

We have waived accommodation and travel in the light of the current financial climate; this will be subject to review.

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