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Information for SaLTs: online Indpendent Tutor Training

The online Indpendent Tutor Training will give you an opportunity to hear from Liz or Henrietta about:

  • Exciting new opportunities to act as ambassadors for Elklan in your locality.
  • Becoming part of a new team of Elklan independent tutors who can offer training in your locality and throughout the UK (if you are willing to travel).
  • Being self-employed and how we will pay you!
  • How we intend to market Elklan to schools in the future.
  • The terms and conditions you will need to be aware of when working on behalf of Elklan.
  • Marketing and advertising routes available to you locally.
  • How we can support you further in developing Elklan in your locality.

Please note: Only Elklan tutors who have attended an online Independent Tutor Training session are able to train independently as we need to ensure quality assurance for commissioners of our services.

A full document of policies and procedures will be available to those who attend the induction which will give information for you and for commissioners of the training courses.

The Indpendent Tutor Training is now conducted online. To take part you will need to have a webcam and either a headset with microphone or standalone microphone, although the sound quality will be better if you have a suitable headset.

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Want to find out more?

Contact us by phone on 01208 841450 or contact Liz Elks online or by email to for more information.


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