NELI: Training for TAs

What does training for TAs involve?

TAs receive 2 ½ days of training and support:

  • Days 1 and 2:
    • Introduction to NELI and general strategies to support oral language development.
    • The reception teacher attends this session on the morning of Day 1.
    • How to implement Part 1 (first 10 weeks) of the NELI programme: an introduction and then practical ‘walk through’ of several group and individual sessions to enable the TA to deliver the initial group and individual sessions with confidence.
  • ½ Day:
    • The half-day workshop is delivered at the end of Part 1 (so the end of the first term of delivery).
    • The aim is for TAs to share experiences of delivering Part 1 of the intervention and then explore how to implement Part 2 with the additional phonological awareness component.

NEW: Now available through e-learning with live webinar support

  • Learn how to deliver NELI from your home or base.
  • A series of on-line modules which are completed before attending a live webinar which is an opportunity to ask questions.
  • The reception teacher and TA complete modules 1 and 2 and then the TA completes the rest of the course.


Time Activity Aims
In your own time, before the training day
Modules 1 and 2 are completed by the TA and reception teacher

1 1/2 hours

Individual study for TAs and reception teacher

Module 1: Introduction to NELI
Module 2: What is involved in communication

Training Day


Webinar 1 for TAs and reception teacher

Questions and queries


Individual study for TAs
1 hour

Module 3: Running NELI group sessions
Theory in practice: webinar preparation – know how you are going to deliver group sessions 1-5


Webinar 2 for TAs

Questions about delivering group sessions


Individual study for TAs
1 1/2 hours

Module 4: Running NELI individual sessions
Theory in practice: webinar preparation – know how you are going to deliver individual sessions to follow group sessions 1, 3 and 4.
Module 5: NELI assessments
Module 6: The NELI network


Webinar 3 for TAs

Questions about delivering individual sessions and the NELI network
What happens next?



You be emailed a feedback questionnaire.

PLEASE NOTE: Part 2 of the training is included in the price and needs to be completed before delivering the second 10 weeks of the NELI programme. There will one additional on-line module and a range of live webinar dates to choose from.

Price for the training is £195 (excl VAT) per TA. The teacher access to modules 1 and 2 and the live webinar is free.

A resources box will be ordered for you from OUP (Oxford University Press). You will receive a separate invoice of £395 (excl VAT) for the resource box from OUP.

Important information

The DfE is making Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) available to primary schools who are in areas of social deprivation. This offer is for primary schools in England only. If your school qualifies then staff will have access to online training and resources free.

The DfE ask you to register an interest by July 30th.

If you want more information about the DfE/EEF offer click here

There is a useful FAQ section click here

To register an interest click here

We are not involved in the course administration for the free training. Please contact the course administrators by clicking this link if you need support or have any questions.

Still interested in Elklan training?

If you are a primary school in an area which will not qualify for DfE support or you are not based in England, then you are welcome to apply to join an online course developed by Elklan. Elklan's course offers online training with live webinars and the training can be completed in a single day.

– 21st May 2021

When are e-learning courses running?

What face-to-face courses are running?

What do participants receive?

Post course support:

  • TAs are able to access support from via a ‘contact us’ form. TAs can submit one ‘contact us’ form a week for a year post training. Additional support can be purchased.

Resources provided by OUP:

  • Elklan Training Ltd will share your school’s contact details and the name of the TA attending the training with Oxford University Press (OUP)
  • OUP will arrange an invoice and will send a NELI Resource Pack
  • The NELI Resource Pack contains:
    • NELI Teaching Handout book Part 1 – detailed information and plans for implementing NELI’
    • NELI Teaching Handout book Part 2’
    • A box full of colourful, pictures and resources to use with the children’
  • One pack can be shared between two TAs.  If a school trains more than two TAs, additional NELI packs need to be purchased.

Resources provided by Elklan:

  • Participant booklet per TA. This will be given on the first day of the course
  • Poster summarising the NELI programme schedule
  • Poster giving a visual timetable for the group sessions to be used with the children
  • Access to a TA NELI page with
    • resources to support the implementation of NELI
    • plans for individual sessions
    • copies of the assessment forms to print off on demand
  • TAs will have access to an important NELI monitoring tool to enable them to record progress in the children’s narrative development.  The results can be emailed to senior school staff.
  • Access to a closed Facebook page to share ideas, queries and to ask the Elklan NELI team question.

Licence Agreement

NELI may only be implemented by trained Teaching Assistants under licence. Click here to view the Licence Agreement (PDF)

Can't find a course near you?

Please complete the expression of interest form and we will try to arrange a course that is nearer to you.

Who can train the TAs?

  • National NELI tutors can come to your area and teach a group of TAs. The involvement of a minimum of six schools is required.
    • National NELI tutors were either involved in training TAs for the EEF trial and/or are Elklan trained Speech and Language Therapists or highly experienced teachers specialising in supporting oral language development. To access this training compete the expression of interest form and a member of the NELI team from OUP will contact you to discuss your requirements.
  • Train your own experienced teachers to become NELI tutors. Your local NELI tutor can deliver the course and support TAs working in local schools. Find out more here.