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Vocabulary Voyage CD

Vocabulary Voyage CD
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A vocabulary teaching programme with printable resources.

by Shiena Stockton, MRCSLT with
Kathy Barber B Ed Hons. 
Ruth Cusack MRCSLT
Lucy Morse Reg. MRCSLT

  • Helping you to help students develop their vocabulary
  • Target words and activities to use in school and at home
  • Useful for EAL
  • All on a disc to print off what you want when you want it!

Vocabulary Voyage is a vocabulary teaching programme and was developed as a practical response to the needs of language impaired and dyslexic secondary school age pupils. It consists of a specific vocabulary of 240 words which are not subject linked but are in common use and are essential for understanding everyday language used in the classroom and for reading texts.  The words are based on Coxhead’s Academic word list (Coxhead 2000).

The words have then been grouped into sets of 10 and a range of activities have been developed to enable pupils to learn the words in a fun way and in a way which can be easily incorporated into the curriculum at Key Stage 3. The scheme has also proved valuable for older pupils and young adults with specific learning difficulties which impact on vocabulary learning and expressive language skills.

This scheme differs from existing work in the field in that, rather than giving strategies for word learning and ways to determine the words to teach, it actually focuses on a designated set of words and gives activities to support learning.  The scheme is seen as an addition to the existing material in the field of vocabulary teaching rather than an alternative.

There are 24 packs each one covering 10 words.

All the packs have the same sequence of activities as follows:

  1. 5 words introduced at a time: Definitions, ideas for discussion and a sentence completion sheet.
  2. Word cards: To be used for a variety of activities.
  3. Words and Definitions: A sheet with all 10 words and definitions.
  4. Word to picture matching: Pupils find their own pictures to represent the words - an excellent activity for discussion.
  5. Missing Words: Sentences with missing words from the 10 target words.
  6. Suffixes and Prefixes: Encourage pupils to consider how suffixes and prefixes are used to alter a word.
  7. Sentence Starters: First part of a sentence, using one of the 10 target words, for the pupils to complete.
  8. Inference Texts: One or more paragraphs using the target words with questions aimed to support comprehension of these words in context.
  9. Phrases to Words: one or more passages using phrases which can be replaced with the target words. Includes questions about the text.
  10. Lotto Boards

This scheme is not about spelling, it is about word knowledge and encouraging pupils to be more adventurous and creative in their use of language. This package will enable young people to be more concise and precise in the way they talk and more able to infer meaning from the texts.

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