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Cued Vowel Chart

Cued Vowel Chart

£34.50 plus VAT

A2 laminated charts illustrating the hand signs for all the vowels, by Jane Passy.

By Jane Passy.

ISBN 980-0-86431-942-5

Each poster consists of two A2 laminated charts illustrating the hand signs of all the vowels. These greatly facilitate the teaching of this popular system and it is recommended that these are used in conjunction with the Cued Articulation book.

Development Language Disorder (DLD) – I’ll Help You Understand It

Development Language Disorder (DLD) – I’ll Help You Understand It


A book for parents and pracitioners, exploring aspects of communication which are challenging for children with DLD.

By Amanda Hampshire & Susan Stewart

Illustrated by Debbie Mason

The book is for parents and practitioners. Each chapter explores a different aspect of communication which is challenging for children with DLD. Follow the journeys of Joseph, Annoop, Connor, Lakshmi and others to gain an insight into the daily challenges faced by children and young people with DLD and strategies to help them.

Each chapter concentrates on a specific topic and is explored in clear sections: 'Our Experiences', 'Information', 'Put yourself in their shoes' and 'Strategies'.

The topics covered are:

  • Understanding Language
  • Talking
  • Word learning
  • Social Skills
  • Sensory Issues
  • Memory
  • School and College
  • Explain to your child about DLD
  • Life Implications
  • People and organisations who can help.


‘Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) I’ll Help You Understand It’ written by two Speech and Language Therapists, Amanda Hampshire and Susan Stewart, is an accessible A5 sized book for parents to support their child. Each chapter covers different areas that a child or young person with DLD can present with including: understanding language, talking, word learning, social skills, sensory issues and memory. There are also chapters on School and College, Explaining to your child about DLD and Life Implications.  Every chapter following the structure of:  a case study, Information, ‘Put yourself in their shoes’, Strategies and Useful reading.

The case studies are from the authors’ own experience, such as ‘Joseph’ who finds understanding language challenging or ‘Anoop’ who struggles to translate his thoughts into words which impacts on his ability to share his thoughts and feelings.  Parents are then provided with ‘information’, for example on Page 13, the authors discuss the complex process needed for talking, from having an initial idea and to feel motivated to talk to then being able to construct an idea using the correct grammar structure.

I really liked the ‘Put yourself in their shoes…’ section. It invites parents to feel what it might be like for their own child -  a short passage is provided with a mix of upper and lower case letters and no spaces between words to show how hard it can be for their child to understand and process spoken language.

Every chapter also includes really clear and easy-to- follow strategies and practical ideas for parents to use with their child, such as visual supports like the Word Mat on Page 62 and Task Plan and Word Map on Page 63 as well as a Planner to support writing stories, Pages 77-78.

A key section of the book is Chapter 8 ‘Explaining to your child about DLD’ as the authors recognise the importance of promoting and developing children and young awareness of their DLD and self-advocacy skills.  It discusses the terminology of the specific words of ‘developmental’, ‘language’ and ‘disorder’ and encourages parents to explore this in an open and sensitive way together with their child, helping them to describe their DLD, recognise their own strengths and help the them to identify their individual self-help strategies.

The Appendices contain really useful information on professionals who can help and great website links to organisations such as RADLD and AFASIC. Additional references, useful You Tube video links on Page 91 and legislation on Pages 102-103 is also included.

Although this book is primarily written for parents I could also see it being useful for the wider family, education staff and those leading extra-curricular activities, e.g. Brownies, Cubs, Scouts.

Thank you, Amanda and Susan – I have been hoping to find something like this for a while and will certainly be sharing it with the families, colleagues and education staff I work with.

Paula Price
BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, HCPC-Registered Speech and Language Therapist, Advanced Specialist in Developmental Language Disorders (DLD)

Early Language Builders

Early Language Builders


A book packed full of practical ideas to support children’s speaking and listening skills at pre-foundation and foundation stage.

This invaluable and practical book provides detailed advice and activities to promote the speaking and listening skills of all children aged between 2 and 6 years. It has been widely used across thousands of settings and enables professionals and parents to understand the communication difficulties children experience. It gives relevant advice and is full of lots of ideas to support children with a wide range of speech and language difficulties

Amongst the topics covered are:

  • Developing play for language
  • Encouraging appropriate adult-child interaction
  • The development of attention levels
  • Helping children develop their understanding of language andverbal reasoning
  • Developing social skills through play
  • Helping pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorder
  • Helping children develop phonological awareness
  • Helping children with unclear speech

Explore The Four Seasons with Boris and Bella - for 5-7 year olds

Explore The Four Seasons with Boris and Bella - for 5-7 year olds

£65.00 plus VAT

Explore The Four Seasons with Boris and Bella - for 5-7 year olds

This CD includes colouring sheets and ideas of how to use the pictures and other resources in your setting.  Each activity focuses on a different aspect of language development as each season is explored.  The resource is carefully designed for 5-7 year olds.

The resource provides a home liaison CD licensed to the purchaser (for multiple printing).

These programmes, based on the four seasons, can be used throughout the school year as home activities or as in class activities.

The aim is to promote skills such as attention and listening, developing vocabulary, understanding of language, expressive language and phonological awareness.

The CD is a compilation of the disc for each season. It includes:

Spring has Sprung with Boris and Bella:

  • Activity 1:  Inspector Boris (phonological & semantic investigation of words)
  • Activity 2:  Sounds around- where is the 'th'? (sound placement awareness & production of sound)
  • Activity 3: tell us a story- but we want to know more (expanding adjectives in a structured way & building these into a story)
  • Activity 4: Idioms- what's that you said? (exploring idioms/expressions)

Sizzling Summer with Boris and Bella:

  • Activity 1: Book the holiday (complex verbal reasoning game)
  • Activity 2: getting sorted for holiday (categorising vocabulary)
  • Activity 3: past, present and future (using tenses)
  • Activity 4: Sounds around- where is the 'r' sound? (sound placement awareness & production)

Autumn Antics with Boris and Bella:

  • Activity 1: Autumn mind mapping (developing and categorising vocabulary to aid and expand memory within a topic)
  • Activity 2: Autumn Snakes and Ladders (verbal reasoning board game)
  • Activity 3: Autumn Stories (creating and structuring stories from component parts)
  • Activity 4: Sounds around (sound placement awareness)

Winter Wonderland with Boris and Bella:

  • Activity 1: The Christmas Party Invitation (complex verbal reasoning game)
  • Activity 2: Guess what? (asking effective questions & giving effective clues)
  • Activity 3: Season Sorting (explaining when events happen and why)
  • Activity 4: Tell us a story (creating and structuring stories from component parts, including 'why')
  • Activity 5: Sounds around (sound placement awareness)


  • 1 x CD in lancing pack

EYBIC Word Pack

EYBIC Word Pack


A resource which will help pre-school settings to develop everyday vocabulary and support the understanding of spoken language.

Early Years Based Information Carrying Word Pack is a rich resource of beautiful pictures and interesting activities to promote the vocabulary, speaking and listening of a wide range of children through the principle of Information Carrying Words.

For those unfamiliar with Information Carrying Words, the concept provides a structured framework which helps children increase the amount of information they can remember. At the same time EYBIC will develop their knowledge and language of everyday topics including:

  • Ourselves
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Animals
  • Home

The resource includes:

  • Careful explanations about Information Carrying Words and how to use the resource
  • Illustrations to print in black and white or colour
  • Home Activities
  • Vocabulary checklists to monitor progress
  • A two and a half hour training session for parents and early years practitioners, which includes teaching notes, a PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

EYBIC Word Pack will help to improve:

  • Understanding of spoken language
  • Listening and attention
  • Auditory sequential memory
  • Vocabulary development
  • Expressive language
  • Social communication skills

EYBIC Word Pack supports Early Learning Goals.

EYBIC Word Pack is very useful for children learning additional languages.

EYBIC Word Pack helps parents, early years practitioners and speech and language therapists to work together to promote children’s language and communication skills.

Funological Awareness

Funological Awareness


An A4 photocopyable book that with games, activity cards and support pages to make phonological awareness fun for all children.

by Sadie Lewis.

Make phonological awareness fun for all children.

An A4 photocopyable book that provides games, activity cards and support pages.

Photocopy two A4 pages to make an A3 board game. A choice of 5 games provides flexible programs for all ability levels, e.g. lilly pads, deep sea diving.

The games feature Star Prize activity cards to practise: Syllable Segmentation, Initial Sound, Rhyme, Final Sounds. All based around a semantic group, e.g. Seaside, Animals.

Games can be given to the child for follow up work at home or school with guidance pages for adult support.

Games to Give and Go

Games to Give and Go


10 highly motivating photocopyable therapy board games to develop speech, phonological awareness, semantics, vocabulary and verbs.

by Sadie Lewis.

A book containing 10 highly motivating photocopyable therapy board games. Each game in both black line and full colour. A4 size photocopies can be glued together to form A3 size games. 

These dice games can be used alongside any therapy activity. In addition, numerous suggestions have been provided to develop speech, phonological awareness, semantics, vocabulary and verbs.

The games are devised as Activity Journeys (e.g. Sea Voyage, Mountain Climb, Rugby, Skateboarding, Magic Land) and are 'rigged' to maximise therapy with Star Prize opportunities.

Garden & Minibeast Language Pack

Garden & Minibeast Language Pack

£55.00 plus VAT

Garden & Minibeast Language Pack

A pack of games based on the popular early years topic, to develop listening skills, understanding of language, vocabulary, story telling and phonological awareness skills!


  • 2 x A3 boards and 2 x A3 sets of objects to be cut out to use in the barrier games (the small pictures, characters/ animals are laminated but need to be cut out)
  • 2 x A4 pages of mini beasts to be used in the Memory and Guess Who games
  • An A4 page of butterflies and an A4 page of 2 x butterfly nets for use in the Butterfly listening game
  • An A3 Story board and 3 x A4 pages of WHEN, WHO cards and WHERE cards
  • An A4 Garden Wacky Wheel
  • An A4 page of flower-pots for syllable sorting
  • An A4 page for sound sorting
  • An A3 Garden Mind Map

Full instructions for 8 language developing games.

Hear Say Pack

Hear Say Pack


A resource book plus 6 coloured story books by Kathryn Gander.

By Kathryn Gander, first published in 1998.

ISBN: 978-1-874534-10-5

This pack consists of a Language Programme and the Hear-Say Listening Profile which are designed for the very earliest stages of language development. 

The stories and language programme will benefit many different groups of children with restricted language skills e.g. those with a Learning Disability, Language Disorder, Hearing Impairment or Delayed Development. 

The Language Programme offers structured activities up to the 3 word level, based on the Hear-Say Books, using 40 nouns, 8 verbs and over 12 adjectives. Photocopiable Record Sheets can be used to measure Clinical Effectiveness and to plan Individual Targets, thus simplifying record keeping. 

The Listening Profile provides an informal assessment for young severely and profoundly deaf children. 

This assessment, based on the principle of speech features is designed for pre-lingual children or those with only very limited language from the age of about 3 years. 

Photocopiable pictures are provided for all the activities in both the Language Programme and the Listening Profile.

Interaction poster

Interaction poster

£3.00 plus VAT

Poster with info about the steps of development towards being an intentional communicator.

A3 bright, colourful poster providing clear information about the steps of development towards being an intentional communicator. Use this in a classroom/setting to share information about the functional communication level of individual pupils.

Format: single sided A3 laminated poster.

Interview Skills Training

Interview Skills Training


This resource has everything you need to run interview skills group therapy sessions for young people.

Interview skills are an important life skill for successful college placements and to enter the world of employment. This resource has everything you need to run interview skills group therapy sessions for young people – a manual including session plans and a CD of resources. Tried and tested on young people with speech, language and communication needs with fantastic results. This resource could also be used with adults who need support in this important life skill.
The resource works on both non-verbal skills and answering interview questions. Interview skills link with many areas of the curriculum including Literacy from completing application forms to extracting relevant information from interview letters, and Careers.  
The manual includes information on:

  • Evidence based practice
  • Contents of resources
  • Top Tips
  • Session Plans
  • Helping young people to answer questions and produce mind maps
  • Example mind maps
  • Group Interviews
The CD of 48 printable resources includes:
  • Job adverts
  • Application forms
  • Prompt cards to choose jobs, and to read for meaning – extracting relevant information from interview letters
  • Prompt cards of non-verbal interview skills
  • Sheets to help young people relate their answer to interview question
  • Examples of young people’s interview packs including mind maps
  • Interviewer questions and evaluation forms
  • Templates for session plans, records and notes
  • Overview of therapy programme     
You can alter the printable resources to suit the specific needs of your students.  

It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand

It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand


A new book offering insights into the life of an autistic person.

by Emma Dalmayne, illustrated by Raphelle Dalmayne.

A new book offering insights into the life of an autistic person.

It's an Autism thing... I'll help you understand is a valuable teaching and learning resource, written from the perspective of an autistic woman whose children are also on the autism spectrum.

Each chapter concentrates on a specific topic, which is broken down into 'My Experiences', 'Information' and 'Advice'. A picture is used to separate each section and make this clear.

The book offers insights into some of the potential trials and challenges of daily life for an autistic person.

FORMAT: Paperback.

Now also available as an interactive e-book from the iBooks Store!