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It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand

It's an Autism Thing - I'll help you understand
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A new book offering insights into the life of an autistic person.

by Emma Dalmayne, illustrated by Raphelle Dalmayne.

A new book offering insights into the life of an autistic person.

It's an Autism thing... I'll help you understand is a valuable teaching and learning resource, written from the perspective of an autistic woman whose children are also on the autism spectrum.

Each chapter concentrates on a specific topic, which is broken down into 'My Experiences', 'Information' and 'Advice'. A picture is used to separate each section and make this clear.

The book offers insights into some of the potential trials and challenges of daily life for an autistic person.

FORMAT: Paperback.

Now also available as an interactive e-book from the iBooks Store!

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Customer Reviews

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Rating: 5

Is a great book for helping adults understand Autistic traits. I found it very informative and helpful.

Tiffany Ambrose - 27 July 2020
Rating: 5

When I had read a couple of chapters of this book I cried with understanding and cried with relief at understanding. I'm learning so much thank you so much for writing this. I feel like it's everything my struggling child wants me to know but doesn't know how to say 😢🥰🙂 Update: I've finished this book now and will keep as a reference guide to help and advise me, it's a vital look into an autistic persons world which is really helping our family.

Sherri K - 13 July 2020
Rating: 5

This is a wonderful book. Easy to understand. Great for parents, kids, teachers. Pretty much anyone ♥️

Nanci Frickle - 26 February 2020
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