Talking Matters

Elklan's dedicated Talking Matters programme for Early Years staff has been independently evaluated by The Department of Human Communication Sciences at the University of Sheffield with fantastic results!

Talking Matters, funded by the Department for Education, was developed to improve practitioners’ knowledge and confidence, and to improve outcomes in children’s speech, language and communication.

Elklan's training works and this evaluation has shown it makes a statistically significant impact on children’s receptive and expressive language skills. Children who received Talking Matters support progressed by an average of seven months in their language development, whilst children in the control group who did not receive the Talking Matters support progressed by two months.

Differences could also be seen in both the children’s ability to understand and ability to use and combine words with practitioners reporting a significant statistical increase in their understanding of, and work to facilitate, children’s speech, language and communication as a direct result of our programme!

We would like to thank all settings and individuals involved in the Talking Matters programme and take this opportunity to thank the Elklan community for their support.


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