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Emotion Stories

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by Henrietta McLachlan.

Manual, physical resources, and digital download to create your own Imo Stories.

Once purchased, you will be sent the manual and physical resources and will be given access to the digital downloads and will be able to purchase additional stickers sheets and story packs. (Please see below re: access to digital resources if paying on foot of invoice, for organisations only)

What is it?
Emotion Stories aims to help young children to explore feelings and the vocabulary of emotions so enabling them to talk about their own feelings and the feelings of others. Emotion Stories has been developed for children aged 3-5 years or for older children whose learning and/or language and communication is equivalent to that of a 3-5 year-old children.

What does it consist of?

  • An instruction booklet explaining the five-step approach.
  • Four double-sided and laminated A4 cards with seven simple, three-picture stories featuring everyday situations and an Emotional Story template to create your own stories.
  • Two sheets of stickers depicting different emotion states.
  • An emotions fan.
  • Two ‘emotion wheels’. One explores the six core emotions of ‘happy, calm, excited, sad, angry and scared’ and a second which explores an extended vocabulary for the core emotions.

Additional sticker sheets and story packs can be purchased separately (requires log-in by the original purchaser).

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S.C., parent
20th March 2024

It's great and I will ask my daughter's school to get it

Deborah W., Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
18th March 2024

Emotion stories is a fantastic, timely resource which is really helpful in exploring different emotions with young children. As both a parent and a speech and language therapist, I especially appreciated the extended language around emotions, giving me a child friendly platform to discuss words like rejected, anxious and jealous with children- helping them to recognise and label the nuances between different feelings. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to open a conversation with a child about emotions.

Claire - Speech and Language Therapist
13th March 2024

Emotion Stories is a bright and appealing resource which helps young children understand and use words to describe emotions and feelings. There are clear instructions which explain how to introduce and use the resource, these are broken down into different steps which provides a structure for progression as children develop their skills. There is also an opportunity to customise stories so they are specific to the child and their setting. Overall, highly recommended for all Early Years Settings to support young children's language and emotional development.

Sara Emmerton, SaLT, Proofreader, Parent
4th March 2024

Thank you for producing Emotion Stories! This brilliant resource fills a much needed gap for children who may struggle to understand and use emotion vocabulary. My daughter and I both immediately warmed to the character of Imo! She enjoyed considering how Imo might be feeling in each of the presented scenarios, and spontaneously used the emotions fan to tell me how she'd been feeling about a difficult home situation - wonderful!