Makaton Level 4 Workshop

Makaton Level 4 Workshop

Makaton Level 4 Workshop

Workshops for those who have already completed Makaton Training and would like to develop knowledge of signs and symbols for use at home, in the community or at work.

About the workshop

The Makaton Level 4 workshop builds on the skills and information you learned on the Makaton Levels 1 - 3 training.

The workshop is suited to those who may be interested in training to become a Makaton Tutor, or who would like to extend their knowledge and use of signs and symbols learnt on the Levels 1 - 3 workshops.

You'll be taught over two four-hour sessions, via online webinar.

The sessions will cover a range of areas and activities including:

Learning signs and symbols from the final two stages, stages 7 and 8, of the Core Vocabulary
Revision of signs and symbols learned on Levels 1, 2 and 3 Training

By the end of the Level 4 Workshop, you will have a greater understanding of the Makaton Language Programme, be confident in using the Makaton Core Vocabulary, and will have developed skills in sign and symbol interpretation and translation.

You'll receive:

A Level 4 participant manual with signs and symbols covered during the workshop

A certificate of attendance

Please note: Please remember to keep your course certificate safe. You may need this to attend further training.

Who can apply?

You must have already attended a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 workshop by the time of the Level 4 training.

If you have completed equivalent training, please contact Elklan to check eligibility before booking this course

Available workshops

Training by Webinar
New Makaton Level 4 Workshops will be arranged soon - please click here to register your interest.