Speech and Language Support for 5-11s - elearning

Speech and Language Support for 5-11s - elearning

Speech and Language Support for 5-11s - elearning

A practical training course for those of you teaching or supporting children in primary schools.

This course is also available via face-to-face training

About the course

A practical training course for those of you teaching or supporting children in primary schools who want to develop the speech and language skills of ALL children - including those who are a bit behind with their speech and language. This could be for a range of reasons, including learning English as an additional language (EAL).

This course has helped over 7,000 staff like you differentiate the curriculum more effectively for children with communication challenges.

This training will provide you with:

You'll be taught a wide range of topics through ten sessions. These are fun and interactive and cover:

What is communication?
Non-verbal communication, developing listening and attention skills
Memory and independent learning
Modifying adults’ speech to help children understand spoken language
Understanding beyond simple sentences and Blank
Promoting vocabulary development
Encouraging expressive language and narrative development
Promoting effective interaction and communication skills
Supporting children with unclear speech, and the link between speech, language and literacy
Linking it all together
Online Training
Online Training

Our accredited online training is delivered through blended learning using our e-learning course and weekly live webinars. You'll be guided through the discussions by an experienced Elklan Tutor, and can choose to study at level 2 or 3.

Online Non-Accredited Training
Online Non-Accredited Training

Our e-learning sessions are available if you don't wish to complete the learning log or gain accreditation. You'll enjoy 12 weeks' access, with the option to upgrade later to the accredited e-learning course at a reduced price.

e-learning sessions for 5-11s

Online Training

e-learning sessions

Targeted strategies for specific age range

Language Builders for 5-11s

Anytime access to the e-learning sessions
Ten weeks

Twelve weeks
Teaching from an Elklan Tutor
Discuss and share with other learners
External accreditation with a 9 credit Award on successful completion
Learning log to complete online

£350 - £360 plus VAT


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How do I book on a course?

First, consider if you want to achieve a qualification. If yes, apply for the accredited online training. If the accreditation isn't important to you now, then access the online e-learning sessions only - you can always upgrade later.

Places on our accredited online training courses fill quickly, so we recommend you apply as soon as you are able.

Accredited Online Training

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Further training opportunities

Let's Talk courses for parents and carers

If you achieve a level 3 qualification in Speech and Language Support for 5-11s, you can train to deliver Let's Talk with 5-11s or Let's Talk with 10-14s to parents and carers of children with speech and language needs in your school. Following a one-day course, you'll be qualified as a Let's Talk Tutor, able to cascade the Let's Talk course under licence.

Communication Friendly Settings (CFSe)

Speech and Language Support for 5-11s is an essential first step for your school to achieve Communication Friendly Setting status. If you are a TA, you need to complete the level 3 qualification; if you are a teacher, then you can access the non-accredited e-learning sessions, which will prepare you to complete a level 4 learning log at the next stage.

Specialist Courses

These courses are ideally suited for you if you have completed an eight- or ten-session core course and wish to take their learning further.

Supporting Verbal Pupils with ASD
Supporting Children with Unclear Speech
Supporting Children and Adults using AAC

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