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Become an Elklan Let's Talk Tutor

Information for SaLT assistants, early years practitioners, teaching assistants, teachers, psychologists and parents wanting to become an Elklan Let's Talk Tutor:

Would you like to be a trainer of one* of our high quality training programmes? Join our ever expanding team of over 1,000 trained SaLTs and Teaching Advisors and start delivering Elklan courses to parents in your local area.

If you have successfully completed the below course within the past three years: at level: then you can train to deliver this course:
Speech and Language Support for 0-3s Level 3 Let’s Talk with Under 5s only
Speech and Language Support for 3-5s Level 3 Let’s Talk with Under 5s only
Speech and Language Support for 5-11s Level 3 Let’s Talk with 5-11s or
Let’s Talk with 10-14s
Speech and Language Support for 11-16s Level 3 Let’s Talk with 10-14s only
Communication Support for Verbal Pupils with ASD Level 3 Let’s Talk Together only
Communication  Support for 0-25s with Complex Needs Level 3 Let’s Talk with Special Children only

We offer 3-Day Intensive Speech and Language Support courses for those who need to complete these first.

The following is also required in each case:

  • High level of interest in promoting the communication skills of all children but particularly those with speech, language and communication needs or who are at risk of developing these.
  • Currently working as either a child minder, early years practitioner, teaching assistant, speech & language therapy assistant, teacher or psychologist with a minimum of three years experience in the role. Parents are encouraged to apply - please contact us to confirm eligibility. Elklan tutors can purchase the manuals without the need for additional training.
  • If you have less than three years experience or don't work in these roles we will still welcome your application but will consider each application on its own merit.

How to become a Let’s Talk Tutor:

  • Spend a day arranged by Elklan and receive training from Heather Price about the content of the course and how to deliver it.
  • As of May 2018, you might be able to train locally. Contact your local Speech and Language Therapy department and see whether an Elklan Tutor can provide this training near you.
  • For more information see:

How to become a Let's Talk tutor How to become a Let's Talk tutor

When you attend an Elklan Let’s Talk Tutor Package (TP) you will be given everything you need to teach the accredited course.

Each TP will cover the content of the Let’s Talk course AND you will receive information on:

  • How to run an accredited course
  • How to assess learners work
  • How Elklan works

As an Elklan Let's Talk Tutor, you enter into a large network of others who are all seeking to fulfil the same aims as you in meeting the needs of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). You will receive ongoing support and advice from Elklan who will answer your queries about delivering courses. Regular live webinars are held and there is a closed Facebook page for trained Let’s Talk Tutors.

What do trainees say?
Great course.  Really each to understand.  Lots of time to ask and answer questions when need.  I liked the way we went through the workbook step-by-step Very good informative course.  Lots of good information given on running the course.  Heather was an excellent tutor. Everyone was very friendly and everyone took part and we had lots of useful discussions.  Very relaxed atmosphere A really well delivered course which has inspired me to 'get going' and start some courses.


A Let’s Talk Tutor Package training day arranged by Elklan will cost you just £235 plus VAT for a day of training and meeting others who want to be involved in delivering Let’s Talk courses.

Once you are an Elklan Let’s Talk Tutor you are welcome to deliver the course linked to your Tutor Package.  You will be able to charge parents for attending a course that you deliver.  Every course participant must buy a copy of the Let’s Talk workbook relevant for the course.  This costs £15. All that Elklan requests is payment for workbooks and payment of accreditation fees if any participants want to gain accreditation. There is an annual Let’s Talk Tutor license of £20 plus VAT (your first year’s fee is included in the Let’s Talk Tutor Package training day arranged by Elklan but not if training is received locally). All the rest of the income is yours!

You will be able to advertise your course on the Elklan website and we have flyers for you to download or buy to promote your courses. You will also be entitled to use our Elklan logo on your letter heading, your own website and other promotional material (e.g. Facebook).