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Courses for Practitioners: Speech and Language Support for Post 16s

With the new SEN Code of Practice which from September will apply to young adults up to the age of 25 years this course has never been more apposite. This practical training programme will give staff new approaches and strategies to help young people maximise their speech, language and communication potential.

Training others

As so few SaLTs work in the field we are relaxing the criteria that you have to be a SaLT to train others on this course. Specialist FE tutors, lecturers, consultants and teachers are therefore invited to attend a three day training course, complete the QuAT and be ready to roll out this essential training. Click here to apply to become a trainer.

On completion of this course support workers and staff who work with young adults will be skilled to promote the communication of those with speech and language difficulties as well as those with autism, English as an additional language and other special educational needs. It will help them meet the demands of the new SEN Code of Practice.

Who is the course for?

This course is for learning support assistants, teachers, and tutors working within FE colleges. It is also suitable for staff supporting young adults in residential settings equipping them all with innovative tools and methods to develop and encourage the young people’s speech, language and communication.

What will participants receive?

A nine credit Level 2 or Level 3 award in Speech and Language Support for Post 16s. A portfolio of evidence will need to be submitted.   

How is it delivered?

Designed to be delivered over eight weekly sessions, it may also be taught as an intensive three day programme. Each session lasts two hours. The course uses interactive teaching methods, practical activities, videos and group discussion to engage learners.

What do learners say?
How much does it cost?

Local providers vary the price. If supplied by Elklan the current fee is £395 plus VAT to include the accreditation fee and the book.

What does the course teach?

View the full course outline or download the course flyer PDF for an overview of the course content.

Who can teach the course?

The courses have been written so that speech and language therapists and teaching advisors can teach it in their locality under license. Click here for more information on becoming an Elklan Tutor.