Communication Friendly Settings

Communication Friendly Settings

Communication Friendly Settings

At Elklan, we understand the benefits of equipping all those who work in your setting with the tools they need to support children and young people's ability to understand and communicate with adults and their peers.

That's why we've designed Elklan Communication Friendly Setting (CFSe) accreditation that gives you all the information and support to train ALL staff in your setting. You can achieve this by rolling out Communication Counts, a course written by us and delivered by you. You will demonstrate how key strategies have been embedded across your setting by completing a learning log accredited at level 4.

Accredited CFSe status can be achieved in one year and renewed after three years. It is the most cost-effective strategy available for building capacity to support all pupils' communication skills across your whole staff team.

The CFSe programme you complete will be governed by the age of the children and young people in your setting, or the conditions with which they predominantly present.

Explore the different options to determine which is the best fit for you and your team and find out how to get started:

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