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Information for Schools as Commissioners: How we work

1. Working with local SaLT and teaching advisory services

Elklan works by training local speech and language therapists (SaLT) and specialist teachers to work collaboratively together to train the wider workforce in their locality. Where collaborative working is unavailable the SaLT trains the courses on her own.

Using local tutors ensures that the training supports the work of the local SaLT service and ensures continuity between what is taught and service delivery. It encourages the development of local networks and builds the relationship between the schools and the specialist advisory services.

Please contact your local SaLT department to see if they have an Elklan Tutor and are able to meet your training needs.

Some local SaLT and teaching advisory services advertise courses on our website.

2. Accessing training if the local SaLT service does not provide the training to meet your needs

Where a local Elklan tutor is not available to deliver the training Elklan can supply a tutor to teach the courses. The Elklan tutor can train your staff on the full range of Elklan externally accredited training courses as well as providing inset days and twilight sessions.

A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants is required to run a course. This can be staff from one setting or across several settings within an area. Please contact Elklan directly to arrange training for you.

Elklan has been hugely successful in setting up and supporting this cascade model of training, we have to date reached over 20,000 learners through our extensive tutor network.

All our courses are well received and effective - read evaluation reportstestimonials, or hear the views of practitioners.

Elklan welcomes enquiries from school clusters and academy groups.

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