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Accredited training

Elklan offers the following highly successful Let's talk range of courses for parents. All are accredited through an externally quality assured and Ofqual regulated national Awarding Organisation at level 1 making them valuable for parents who are also involved in working with children.

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Let's Talk with Under 5s
Let's Talk with 5-11s
Let's Talk with 10-14s
Let's Talk with Special Children

(for children with severe and complex learning needs)

Let's Talk with Young Ppeople with SLD
Let's Talk Together

(for children with social communication needs including ASD)

All of the Let's talk courses are very practical and throughout each session there are opportunities to:

  • Think about your child's communication
  • Try new ideas
  • Choose activities specifically for you
  • Discuss a range of issues
  • Practise using ideas at home or in the work place
  • Gain recognition for taking part in the course by recording your ideas, observations and activities in a booklet. You can gain a certificate from an externally quality assured and Ofqual regulated national Awarding Organisation. This could help you with employment opportunities. You will be given support and encouragement to achieve this goal.

All the courses are designed to run over 7 weeks, each session lasting 2 hours; they can also be taught in four half day sessions.

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